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Haha my neighbour just dropped off a gift from work (we work for the same place).

It's a weekly tablet organizer
SW Rifftrax

Nigel's Big Fat Medicial Mis-adventure.

I've just got home from being discharged from the Wellington Hospital A&E.

I did something amazingly dumb tonight.

A little background. since I take 3  different pills before I go to bed, sometime earlier I usually prepare them all and put them in an old pill bottle that I have removed the label from.

When I went to take my meds before bed I grabbed the wrong bottle and took a drink and chugged all the pills. Then thought, that seemed weird. Then I realised what bottle I had just consumed. It was my fresh prescription of Codeine. I had just taken 25 times the prescribed amount (25 x 60mg).

Now I tried to make myself throw up, but was unable, and was shocked at how far back you could get your fingers when you want to 'what was that!'.

Ran to the neighbours door asked if they had anything, they didn't so I called 111 and asked for the ambulance. The ambulance woman was an old friend from Sitel! So I said hello maureen it's nigel, and surprised her quite a bit.

the neighbours came over and watched me while I waited for the ambulance and locked the place up for me when I left.

I started to calm down a bit when it was apparent that the paramedics were in no rush. They asked a bunch of questions, put in a cannula and drove me in to the hospital. When I got there I registered with the duty nurse who said 'looks like you are in for a long night' and sat in the waiting room for about 4 hours. Bored out of my mind. When I did get to see the doctor she asked all the questions again 'ie was it accidental?' drew some blood from the cannula then I sat around in the room for an hour trying not to fall asleep, (this is now 3 am in the morning) then after an hour she said the blood was damaged due to the cannula and she needed to take another sample. so she took one from the other hand. Then an hour and a half later she came back to say everything was all clear so I could go home.

So a shockingly  boring anti-climax. I wasn't even numb and my knee was still sore. And while I was drowsy that wasn't surprising since I was getting ready for bed when I started it all. I had been complaining to the doctor previously that the codeine seemed to have no effect on me, I won't be taking it anymore.