bathtubnz (bathtubnz) wrote,

Expelled: No Integrity Allowed

A post since this documentary is due out on DVD.

Over at the Expelled website they are running a poll.

"Do you think Darwin's theories are outdated?"

Now of course the real answer is Yes, they are 150 years old, science has moved on, but remember these are people who use the term 'Darwinism' as a smear towards current scientific theory, so in their terms, the answer should be No.

But here is where it gets good.

Go take the poll.

Were your results...

50/25/25 ?

Now refresh the page.

Are your results now

57/14/29 ?

These are the numbers people have been reporting back for days. So basically you can vote anyway you like, they just through them into a black hole and report back one of 2 sets of results. Truly Expelled: No Integrity Allowed.

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